Why it tastes so good
Secrets of taste handed down over the generations.

For many, the unique Schwarz Cranz flavour has become the taste of home. We're proud of this and do everything to ensure our classics stay the way they are – unbelievably tasty. Some things are still the same as they were almost 160 years ago e.g. salting by hand for our ham specialities or the smoking of salami and liver sausage specialities over the finest beech. In the "Enjoyment" section, you can get to know more about some of our classics, e.g.

Altländer ham mettwurst sausage or our Viennese sausages. You'll start to realise that not only can we continue to produce classics, but also create new flavour experiences that inspire time and again. Because we pay close attention to customer needs. And because we always integrate important results from research into our daily work. Enjoy building up an appetite! See our product range here