Where we come from

Year of foundation
Johann Wilhelm Tobias Schwarz founds the Schwarz slaughterhouse in Cranz an der Elbe in 1852. In the former Dorfstraße 19 – today Estedeich 34 – in addition to a slaughterhouse and meat sales, he also trades in livestock.
The Altländer Mettwurst is born
In his grandfather's old slaughterhouse, Paul Wilhelm Otto Schwarz begins to make Altländer Mettwurst sausages – using muscle power to operate the mincer, weighing scales and filling machine. The flavour and recipe of this classic has remained unchanged to this day.
The company grows
The family company in its third generation becomes an advanced industrial firm. Every week, 40 pigs and five cows are slaughtered and the latest electronic machines used in the manufacture of popular ham and sausage specialities. Supporting their father's business are: Paul Wilhelm und Otto Hinrich Schwarz.
A wharf as a sales channel
The Altländer Mettwurst is so popular that the company builds a wharf dedicated to it on the Este. From here, the products are sent directly to the landing stages in Hamburg – helping the top Altländer export to find its way abroad.
Later, the neighbouring plot of land with mill is acquired for further expansion.
Successful new beginnings
Paul Wilhelm Otto Schwarz takes over his father's firm after the war.
He used an old Wehrmacht vehicle as a retail space and to deliver
goods. At first only chicken liver sausages and goose dripping are offered, followed a short while later by the popular Altländer Mettwurst again.
Direct sales begin
A new sales channel: from now on, products are sold directly to customers with great success on the company's own premises. 40 people are already working for the family company at this stage, now led by Paul-Otto Schwarz.
Move to Neu Wulmstorf
The company grows and reaches its capacity in terms of space. A new company headquarters is required and is found in Neu Wulmstorf. The move marks the starting point for an even more successful future.
1999 to today
The success story continues
Kristin Schwarz has held the fate of the company in her hands since 1999 - and she is the sixth generation of the family to do so. She preserves the family heritage and makes sure that top quality and the best flavour will continue to be a tradition at Schwarz Cranz for a long time to come.